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Survey: 9 in 10 Gen Z Employees Say They Experience Social Anxiety at Work

The book on Gen Z members (generally regarded as those born between 1997 and 2012) is that they are pragmatic, confident, values-driven, and more than capable of setting and enforcing boundaries in a manner that surprises — and sometimes shocks — members of older generations. Survey Findings But there is more to Gen Z that meets the eye (or text message). According to the ZetaPulse Gen Z Workforce Study from global learning platform Kahoot!, 90% of Gen Z employees admit

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Half of All Job Candidates Back Out of Job Offer Before Day One: Survey

If you are a manager, team leader, supervisor, or anyone else eagerly anticipating adding a new member to your team — but who never shows up — then you are certainly not alone. A new survey by Gartner has revealed that a whopping 50% of job candidates who accepted a job offer backed out prior to day one. “Competition for talent remains steep – our research shows 59% of HR leaders expect more talent competition in the next three months,”

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The Dark Side of Remote Work

The Dark Side of Remote Work: The Rise of Microaggressions and What Employers Need to Do

Just how much do employees like — or make that love — remote work? A whopping 4 out of 5 Canadian workers say that they would seek a new job if their employer completely eliminated this option. However, despite its popularity, there is a dark side to remote work that has employees and employers by surprise: a surge in microaggressions. Understanding Microaggressions in Remote Work Microaggressions are statements, actions, or incidents that are regarded as an instances of indirect, subtle,

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Middle Managers Experiencing Burnout - Post Image

Survey: 73% of Middle Managers Experiencing Burnout

An interesting — and alarming — new survey by software review site Capterra has revealed that 73% of middle managers report feeling “sometimes” or “always” burned out at work. The proportion is higher (76%) for those who work in large enterprises with 1000+ employees, as well as those who work remotely (76%). Key Factors Contributing to Middle Managers Experiencing Burnout As for what is driving this immense stress and struggle: 50% of middle managers say that they do not have

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